Yorkville Memories – Emails to Marty – Jimmy Flood – February 24, 2017

Yorkville Memories – Emails to Marty – Jimmy Flood

A few emails received from Tom O’Connor, Carol Thorenson and Levi Flood

Hi, Marty

Hope you’re well!

I just thought you might want to consider adding what I’ve attached to your page on the Floods. One is a boxing card of Jimmy Flood (that I got off eBay) from the early ’50s and the other two are articles by Oscar Fraley and Jack Cuddy of United Press writing glowingly about Jimmy Flood. This was when he was being called the ‘next Mickey Walker’ and he and his manager were entertaining prospects of a big money fight with Graziano–maybe even at Yankee Stadium, scene of the first of Graziano’s three Pier Six brawls with Tony Zale.

This was a scrappy kid from Yorkville back in the day who not only “coulda been a contender,” but was a contender. There’s really so little out there about Jimmy Flood. I understand that even his niece, Sharon, only knows that he was supposed to be a really good fighter. My own mother and father knew little more about him and they were in high school when Jimmy was in his prime.

In any event, the boxing card would be a cool addition, don’t you think?

Tom (06/05/08)




Jimmy Flood on BOXREC provided by Carol Thorenson (wife of my classmate, Roy Thorenson, at St. Joseph Grammar School on 87th Street).


All newspaper articles provided by Carol Thorenson are from 1949




Marty Dougherty #thememoryman @greendougherty




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