Yorkville – 80th Street bet 2nd and 3rd Avenues – RS

Yorkville – 80th Street bet 2nd and 3rd Avenues


80th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue (80th Street Index)

the memories of…..

The first entry on this page is for William C Chefalas

Businesses on 80th Street: Manhattan Moving and Storage, 

Families of 80th Street: Heffernan, Turek, Zucker

Schools Attended:   

Comments and Memories of 80th Street:

  • I lived at 445 East 80th Street. (Comment From Pat Heffernan McKiernan on 11/11/16).
  • My grandfather lived at 314 East 80th Street (Comment from Barbara L Turek on 11/118/16).
  • Lived a year on that block at 229 E 80th. Remember those nice little stores across the street. It was like a little village. (Comment from Bob of Yorkville on 11/11/16).
  • I lived at 222 E 80th only it was a 15 story building by then. (Comment from Randi Zucker Moskowitz on 11/11/16).


The Avenues and Streets of Yorkville Index is the main link for all the Avenues and Streets of Yorkville. Use this index to reach your block. I copied and pasted the comments made under the posting on Facebook related to: Where did you live in Yorkville as a reference point?…. to use as a reference point for starting a page. I’m doing an electronic book. Not a published book. For those that read this far down and this is as good as it will get….all on the internet…but I need support to see that you are interested.


Since this is a free site, if you want to make a donation to the memories and keep them going, type in paypal in the url followed by a . and type in com. You’ll come to that web site and you can type in my email address. Make a comment that you want to make a donation and I’ll give you my email address. I’m looking for inspiration. For now, I’ll do a page every so often and keep my concentration in the garden.

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Link to Faces and Families Pictures


Memories of 85th Street in Pictures

Marty Dougherty @thememoryman #greendougherty


Master Link to Pages: yorkvilleonthenetyorkvilleonthenet


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