Yorkville Resources – Emails to Marty 01 – January 18, 2016

Over the years, I have received many emails. Some of the emails were just short comments to include their family names on certain avenues and streets. Other comments related to people looking for old friends or classmates that they wanted to reconnect with from the old neighborhood. And, many others came with pictures and that’s is what I want to share on these Yorkville Resources on the internet that I have collected over the years.

This first email was from Mary Ann who lived on 79th Street.

mary ann 02431 East 79th Street. This would be the north side of 79th Street.

mary ann 01Mary Ann at the beach at 15 years of age.

mary ann 03

The Deuces – the best girl’s basketball team from the East Side House

Response to Mary Ann’s Email from Mack Muggs on May 21, 2012:

Mary Anne,

Thanks for the pictures.  The girl 3rd from left in top row looks very familiar.  I met Kevin in first grade in St. Monica’s and we have been friends since, although there was a span of many years when we lost contact.  I was the hookey playing diver Luke on the swim team with him in our first year at Hayes.  I was his best man at his first wedding.  The pictures of your old apartment bring back memories.  I dated Barbara Golden who lived a couple buildings up towards York Ave.  I am waiting for a call from his son in law to find out what happened.  When we couldn’t get in touch with him I did a google search and found the obit in the FL newspaper.  My last contact he told me he was coming up to Long Island for his grandsons graduation and we were going to get together.  The Jokers (Royals) are now down to three.

To: doherty167@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 10:48 AM
Subject: 78th Street
I grew up on 357 East 78 Street too.  The Feeley family, mom Eileen, dad John Roger, children Edward 62, Florence (me) 59, Eileen 56, Patricia 55.  We lived right over Brodericks Bar.  That was fun listening to the juke box all night, I guess that’s why I knew all the songs. Do you remember the Amatulli family they lived in the middle of the block.  Michael, Anna, Gloria, Virginia and Philomenia.  The dad was a baker and very Italian, they even spoke it.  Will you please put our family name on the blog for 78th Street too.    Can you also put my husbands name Robert (Boo Boo) Mauro he lived on 315 East 77th Street brother Michael, parents Frank and Catherine she still lives here and we just moved back to care for her she is 90. Thanks, Florence Feeley Mauro.

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