Yorkville Resources – Clubs and Sports of Yorkville, Manhattan, New York City – Part 1 – July , 2015

Yorkville Resources – Clubs and Sports of Yorkville, Manhattan, New York City

boysnbikes - Copy

Boys on Bicycles

I seem to recall more boys on bicycles than girls back in those days but other than that comment, my goal was to find the things or places we went back in those early days of Yorkville to entertain ourselves, or, to stay out of trouble. That was the role of social clubs that were part of the school, religious institutions, and private foundations, of which, Yorkville seemed to have an abundance of in those days. The only trouble is that most people did not take pictures. Over the years, I have collected pictures supplied to the Yorkville web site and uploaded to our group, Yorkville, East Side of Manhattan, New York City on Facebook, These pictures will be displayed in this series on Clubs and Sports of Yorkville, manhattan, New York City.

Most churches in Yorkville had dances on the weekends and usually in their auditoriums. Some of the dances were held at St. Vincent Ferrer on Lexington Avenue between 65th and 66th Streets, St. Jospeh on 87th Street, St. Ignatius on 84th Street.

Church of St. Vincent Ferrer at Lexington Avenue and 66th Street
Church of St. Vincent Ferrer at Lexington Avenue and 66th Street

If I recall, the entrance to the dance area of St. Vincent Ferrer was on Lexington Avenue between 66th and 67th Street. (If anyone recalls the exact address, please let me know so that I can correct it). Most of the times, the dances went on without any event, but every once in a while, there was some activity, boys will be boys, and the cops from the 19th precinct were on the avenue in full force to prevent any outbreak.

st joseph

Here is St. Joseph’s Grammar School with the church in the rear. The actual dances were held in the auditorium of the school. When I was younger and an altar boy, we got the option from Fr. Heide to sell soda from one of the class rooms across from the auditorium. We did this to meet the older guys and flirt with some of the older girls. I remember being at the dance with some of the crowd that hung around Kronk’s Luncheonette on the corner of 87th Street and York Avenue. I remember dancing the Lindy, Cha Cha Cha, and some slow dances with some of the girls. I believe Donna Sullivan remembers the dances too.

St Ignatius
St Ignatius

This is St. Ignatius School on 84th Street. I recall on Tuesday night was a club called the Saints which was for children of public school and the priest that ran the club required each class by age group would hold a missal class by reciting the gospel of the day and talking about it. After the short class, we were permitted to play basketball, assorted sports for an hour or so.

Friars Club of St. Ignatius
Friars Club of St. Ignatius
Friars Club at St. Ignatius
Friars Club at St. Ignatius

According to these ID cards, there was a dance on Friday nights at St. Ignatius which was called the Friars Club.

That covers the dances that I know about in Yorkville. I believe that there were more and I can add them to this listing before the next segment on social activity in Yorkville via Clubs and Spots.

Please add your comments to the section below the blog as it will be easier for me to add them this page.

Comments on Facebook used as a Reference for locations. All location must have an address to be listed

Enjoying the Yorkville Memories in Pictures,

Marty Dougherty #greendougherty


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